Monday, March 29, 2010

Lovin' My Husband and Hide N Seek

So we took our boys to get their immunizations last week.  That is a rare form of Hell.  Dawit did not like it at all, I had to lay over him while they poked him with every vaccination for birth to 4 years and by the time I finally got him to calm down, we had to go have blood drawn.  Well anyways, we also received directions for collecting a stool and urine sample.

Fast forward to this morning.  We have to return to the doctors to have their TB tests read.  We also had to collect their samples.  These boys take MAN sized Caca's.  I couldn't bring myself to collect their crap in the paper bowl.  So my wonderful husband did it for me.  Plus he had to scoop it into a collection jar.  I could hear him gagging from the other side of the house.  And as if it wasn't bad enough, he dropped it on the counter.  Poor guy.  But my love for him gew a little more today.

The boys discovered the intercom button on the phones today.  They are running around the house talking to each other on the phone.  Sintayehu will run and hide and Dawit runs around looking for him.  He is a horrible seeker but it the first time they have really played together since we have all been together.  It's awesome.  They are laughing and having genuine fun together.  I feel like I am in heaven.

We tried to explain the Easter Bunny to the boys and may have created a life long fear of Rabbits.  They did not like the idea of a man sized rabbit sneaking into the house.  We tried to explain that it is pretend, but it wasn't passing the language barrier.  If you plan on showing pictures of the Easter bunny to your kids; beware of the google images.  There is a Killer Bunny for one of the first pictures.  Not a great first impression.

Sintayehu has taken to Nick really well.  I love watching them talk.  He explains things to Nick about Ethiopia and his previous life.  Our family was totally planned by God.  It was meant to be.

Ps. Church went really well yesterday.  They boys liked it.  Next week they will go to Sunday School for the Easter games.  I will go with them and hang out in the back.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Church Today

Trying out church today!!! I am very excited a nervous. Our oldest can't wait. We got him anamharic Bible and he said it was the best gift. I almost cried. So I'll let you know how it goes. I think we are going to try to keep them in the service with us.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Update to Crain: Family of Four

We have been home for a little over a week now and we are finally getting into a groove.  However, now that I have said this, the next couple of days will probably be hell J.  The boys have met all of their grandparents and love spending time with them.  This time has finally come to reality.  I love seeing everyone play with them  They have taken a particular liking to Uncle Josh and Auntie Brookie.  They call Uncle Josh Uncle Fas (fart).  They think it is really funny to pass gas on his head when they are riding on his shoulders.

They love riding their bikes.  We go to the park almost every day to let them ride.  Unfortunately, our street is busy and there are no sidewalks.  It’s ok though, it has been great park weather.  We got training wheels for Sintayehu’s bike so now he’s starting to keep up with his brother.  He was getting really frustrated when his four year old brother would ride circles around him.  Dawit loves his helmet.  He wears it almost all day long.  He lost his hat in Ethiopia when he stuck his head out the window to throw up and I really need to replace it.  It’s really cute though.

We have had a lot of firsts.  They get a kick out of the automatic everything.  The first store they went into was PETCO and Dawit stared at the doors for almost a minute.  When we left, Sintayehu said, “open please” and then “thank you” as he went through.  I about died laughing.  They were each allowed to pick out a fish to go with the one remaining fish at home.  Sintayehu named the original fish Joy.  He picked out a rainbow shark and named him PasFick, after the Pacific Ocean.  Dawit picked out a white fish, a silver Molly and named it Alem; which is a made up word apparently. 

We took the boys to Forest Falls the other day.  It is a waterfall that you can easily hike to.  Now it has been 75 degrees since we have been home and I know that there is still snow in the mountains, but it didn’t even occur to me that there would still be lots of snow up there.  I dressed the boys in board shorts, water shoes and a t-shirt.  I brought sweats and socks and change of underwear and shirt.  We got up there and there was at least two feet of snow.  They were so excited they jumped out of the car and started running around and throwing snowballs at Uncle Josh.  I must say they were troopers.  There was another family all bundled up for the snow and we looked like we were going to the river.  After 45 min we finally made our way toward the waterfall where there was no snow (south Side).  They boys climbed the trail and we had a snack at the top of the falls, well middle actually.   The water was flowing to hard to cross and go to the top. 

After we played we took the boys to get new shoes.  They each picked out a new pair of shoes without any problems.  Dawit  grabbed  a pair of light up toy story tennis shoes and Sintayehu  got a pair blue Velcro tennis shoes.   Then we went to Oak Glen for lunch and the petting zoo.  They boys did great for the most part.  Dawit was scared of the animals at first but warmed up to them eventually.  We finished with an overwhelming trip to a candy shoppe where our great day ended, way too many choices for them.  Oh well!!  It was a great day save that. 

Poopa (grandpa)  Gave the boys razors and they love them.  It is much easier for them to ride on the patio then their bikes.  We have some great pics of them riding around.  They LOVE them

They have learned my favorite song, Hands by the almost and sing it all day.   Everytime we get in the car we have to listen to it.  I think riding in the car is my favorite time of the day.  Every one is happy.  Sintayehu asks lots of questions and tries to figure things out.  Dawit listens to every one speaking English.  We feel like a real family when we are in a car.  (In comparison to us feeling like we are in survival mode most of the time).

Their English is coming along well.  Dawit says, “you done”  when he is done with anything.  I ask, “You Done?”  So he thinks that is the right response.  I crack up all the time.  Sintayehu says Oooh in a sing song way that is so funny and when Dawit really likes something he says Yeah sing songy too. 

This is the hardest thing we have ever done but God is blessing our family in so many ways.  We feel so privileged to be parents to these boys.  We love them so much!!!

one of Sintayehu's portraits

Monday, March 22, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

We have been home for four days now.  And we are on the go all of the time.  The boys are doing GREAT.  Each day gets a little better.  The first few days we had melt downs about every 30 minutes.  We were all very frustrated.  Nick and I are learning to choose our battles wisely.  The boys are so smart.  I am amazed at how quickly they are picking up English.

Sintayehu learned English in school.  He can read it and write it as well.  We are ordering books in Amharic, hoping that he might retain some of it.  He will try any food, and let you know if he doesn't like it with a very distinct icky face.

Dawit is a little mime around the house.  He repeats everything.  All he wants to eat is bread.  So we tell him to try one little bite and if he doesn't like it he can eat some bread with peanut butter and bananas (moos and dabo).  They love taking baths.  It is so funny to watch.

It is so nice to be home.  Our trip was not as expected and we decided not to post about it.  Too many problems and we are home with our boys and that's all that matters.

And now for some pictures.  I am hoping to put a montage together if I ever get a few minutes again :)

They boys met us at the van.

Our first family photo.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


We landed yesterday.  Had a great trip even with the denial at the Embassy, story to be told later.  The boys are sound asleep in their beds, yes we got a baby monitor.  We went bike riding and to the doctors today!!! A little too much action but they are asleep now.  They also had their first bath ever!!!  I know the S is 10 but we video'd it anyway.  It was hilarious.  Any how, we are exhausted.  I knew parenting was the hardest job in the world but man, we are tired.  I will post some pics soon

Friday, March 5, 2010

Sitting at the airport

Nick and I are on the way. We, well actually I, am sitting at a bar right outside our gate while nick is hunting down a sweatshirt. He left it in the car which is now on it's way home. So I sat down with a great lemon drop martini watching a socccer game with many other travelers. I can't even begin to describe my emotions but joy is probably the most dominant one. This time tomorrow we will be boarding the connecting plane to Ethiopia from Dubai. Can't wait. We are planning on getting a good dinner in Dubai, Whig should be interesting since it will be morning PST. So we will see how it goes.

Much love to everyone. See ya when we get back .

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tomorrow's the big day!!!

We finally get to start our adventure. I must say packing for the boys was much harder than I thought it would be. I am starting parenthood of two school age kids in a developing country. I better figure it out quick. Well thank you for all of your prayers, warm wishes and delightful comments. They helped us through some really rough times. I will update when we can. Have a blessed two weeks. Off to motherhood!!!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Can we say CRAZY?

So today we received official word that we can travel on Friday.  Yeah!!!!  So I am running around finishing up last minute errands.  Things are going pretty smoothly, except for a piece of paper from my district.  There was a miscommunication about what days I need a sub and now I am a little nervous because the sub I had planned on already has those days filled.  Uh oh.  My partner teacher is flexible, will the district be?  We will find out tomorrow.  Otherwise I don't know who will be in my class.  And I feel horrible saying this, but I really don't care.  As long as the have a competent person in there, that's all that matters.

We are going to our last bible study for a while.  Life is movin' quick.  Lots to do.  Good night all.

I'm leaving on a jet plane...

The boys came back negative.  We will be on a plane in 55 hours .  2 days!!!  Lots to do.  Trying to book our flight.

Details later

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Tomorrow we should find out the results of their TB test.  For the first time ever...  think negative.  We need a negative result.  And then we will be on a plane on Friday.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Maybe 4 !?!

I know that nothing in this process has gone the way it was described to us in all of the workbooks.  Nothing was smooth, nothing was easy.  We hit all of the bumps.  Please, oh please let us be on a plane in four days.  I think I am gonna be sick.