Thursday, May 28, 2009

11 days and counting

I have a delightfully, brilliant, sweet 5th grade class this year. I have great memory after great memory of their shining faces. This week however, my elementary students became middle schoolers in heart and attitude. I love them dearly and am sad to see them grow up.

I know they are equipped with skills that will lead them down many different walks of life. Each one destined for something different. I wish we could keep track of them and be there to encourage and cheer them on in low times. Be there to pat them on the back in high times. And be there to just smile and tell them I told you, you could do it when they achieve great things.

Next year I will share a contract look forward to getting elementary students back. It is amazing how quickly the year flies by. Good Luck class of 2016. Looking forward to seeing you achieve great things.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I have directed my motherly instincts into a very small salsa garden. I am not your typical green thumb. Until this recent venture I have killed every plant I have ever owned, including the unkillable Bamboo in water. But this little garden is different. Or maybe I am different, who knows. I come home every day and inspect for bugs or weeds. I love to water it. The dogs get to run around while I am soaking in the sun and tending my little garden. I measure its growth and compare it to my Dad's very large garden. ( His tomato plants are 3 x's the size of mine and they came from the same 6 pack.) I don't care that my plants seem behind in growth, they are growing.

I kind of feel like these small delicate tomato plants are like my unknown children. They need my attention and I give them what they want. It is not your typical garden. It is in a little planter in our front yard of our small condo. They are not growing at the "typical" rate of the other plants but they are perfect for our small house hold.

I am sure I sound crazy and I am not saying gardening is anything near parenting but at the moment I can focus and enjoy one of life's slower things.

And guess what? Today the first tomato appeared. Look at the picture above. I was so excited to see it bearing fruit. Seems perfect to me.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Love The Sun

I must say that living in California has its perks.  We are so blessed to be graced with so much sunshine.  I love the family time we get to have at my parents house around the pool.  Nothing beats the whole family getting together to swim, lounge, and barbecue.  I think we can say, it is officially summer.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Wonder and Miracle of Prayer

Today was a day of faith for the Crain Household. We found out this morning that the wait for our children could be close to 18 months till the referral and close to 22 months before we bring them home. Apparently our request for siblings under the age of 3 is quite popular. This was unknown to us.

The last few weeks have been pretty slow on the referrals for our agency. This is due to a number of factors. None of which any one or agency is to blame, well except the few people who try to break the rules. But this was no one at our agency or any way affiliated. In fact our agency is dedicated to following a strong ethical code and making sure all the t's are crossed and the i's are dotted. However, this has slowed down the number of children being referred at this time, even though the number of orphan children continue to rise.

So this morning we talked with our social worker about breaking points. She told us we could change the age we have requested, change to a single child, or continue to wait it out. So far there is one family that has been waiting 14 mos and still no referral. After we got off of the phone with her we realized yet another way we pictured our life could be different. We are not making any rash decisions. We are going to pray for a while and wait til we feel peaceful about a decision.

If you believe in the power of prayer, please pray for the Crain's. If you don't believe, still pray!!! It is truly the best we can always do. Because we can't do much without Him.

Monday, May 11, 2009

26 weeks and counting

We are ready!!! I guess traditional pregnancy is 40 weeks so I shouldn't expect less than that. Can you believe that we have been approved for that long already? Wow. Time is going quickly.

Last One Hopefully...

I survived! Mother's Day is one of the hardest days of the year for me. It took some major perspective to get through this one. I truly thought last year was going to be the last Mother's Day without children. That's what I get for making plans I guess. I am constantly reminded I am NOT in control.

It's one of those weird things, people did not know what to say. I could see them contemplate it before it came out. You wish someone Happy Birthday, they say thank you. You wish someone Happy Mother's Day, they say You too, for the future, er. Akward silence. I made many feel uncomfortable yesterday, but I made it. Tears were shed, but big surprise there.

There are so many strong mom's in my life. My own mother is the best role model I could have asked for. She was the perfect balance of dedication to her children, husband and above all, God. We were never discouraged from our dreams. Thanks Mom.

So many of our friends are GREAT mothers. Everyone has their own spin that seems to work so beautifully. Some are incredibly patient, others are creative, some seem to multitask without blemish and another is perfect for enjoying every moment. I am so fortunate to be part of all of their lives.

I recently finished the book, "Grace Based Parenting." It is a parenting style that reflects God's Grace for us to our children. I loved it and my husband is getting ready to start it. Talk about a role model. Why shouldn't we model our parenting after God's constant Grace? Best Line: God doesn't give us what we deserve, he gives us what we deeply need.

I have 364 days before the next day dedicated to Mothers everywhere. Hopefully that will include me next year.