Wednesday, July 29, 2009

LIfe is...

Life is uncertain. This is about the only guarantee you get in life. One minute you feel as though the whole world is crashing around you and something small such as a smile from a stranger or a card from a friend can start to lift your mood. I am just so thankful for my faith and my God to get us through the tough times.

Life is perfection. I just had a lengthy discussion with a friend about why believers still have trials. The timing was kinda crazy because we just discussed this in our Bible Study. God's timing is impeccable. I don't know if she came any closer to God on this day, but I do know that knowing what God says about trials and being able to relate His word to her will be a link in the chain to her salvation. I have been her friend for over ten years and this was our first discussion about my faith and what trials have done to my faith. Some may say the timing was coincidence, but I believe it was God's.

Life is heartbreaking. At the moment, my sister and brother in law are moving all of their belongings out of their little home and into a littler room at my parents. You see, my brother in law is in the reserves. He will be joining the forces in Afghanistan soon and my sister did not want to live alone for the next ten months so she moved back in with my parents. Amidst the battle of moving, they are also saying good bye. Try saying good bye when you have all your friends and family crammed into an 800 square foot home. It is awful to watch. People start crying all the time. They are so strong.

Life is joyous. Here is where those trials come back into play. The trials of my life require me to depend on God more. Thus I read his word, become more absorbed, and more aware of the the Holy Spirit. Talk about joy. Remembering we are not alone... What more joy can you have.

Life is vicarious. Several times a day I read adoption blogs. These are blogs of strangers who I feel close to. I read about their days and it is awesome to see the various steps along the way. I read several blogs of families who have returned home. (I can only hope my children will be as beautiful) I read blogs of people waiting to travel, waiting for court, or waiting for referrals. (We are still in the latter group) I know that there are children waiting for us but it is reassuring to know of others who are going through the exact same emotional journey.

Life is life. We never know what will happen next. We don't know how much more time we have or how we affect those around us. I am just happy that I have the life I live with the people I live it with.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Time is such a relative concept. When you are a kid the summer seemed to last forever. The days of sunshine, splashing and Popsicles seemed to never end. We get a little older and it seemed as though our sixteenth birthday would never near. OR those long lingering seconds right before your first kiss seemed as though time stopped.

But as we turn into adults time seems to get away from us. Casual weekends turn into trips, errand running or just your run of the mill days but they tend to fly by. It's amazing how little we stop just to enjoy a beautiful day. A whole month has gone by since my little fifth graders graduated elementary school. A whole Month. This is craziness. (I have managed to let a few days linger.)

Any how, on the 8th of this month was our Nine month mark of waiting. When we started this process we were told 6-10 months tops. Well that doesn't seem likely. August 12th will be two years since we started this process and September will be 4 since we started trying to have a family.

Time again is a conundrum. I can't tell you how many times I have heard, "It's all in God's time", "You are getting good practice in patience", "Once you have your child the time will be forgotten." While I know these are all true, I have heard every pregnant person complain around 7 months that they just want to see their child. 4 Years!!! That is a long time to wait when you are ready to be a parent. I could have another college degree by now. Some friends are on their third child in the time it is taking us to have one.

My, My, My! I am praying/pleading with God that our child is with us or at least we know who he/she is before Christmas. So please pray for all of the children without parents and the parents without children because everyone can always use God's Love.