Saturday, October 2, 2010

Apple Picking, Soccer, Flu and Freak Storms

Last weekend we had the opportunity to get together with some of Nick's extended family. They came up for apple picking, or so they thought. Our weather has been weird enough this summer that the apples weren't quite ready. However the raspberries were delicious. We picked three baskets full and managed to avoid the bees. The bees were everywhere. Sintayehu DID NOT enjoy this activity and he made sure everyone knew it. It was really frustrating. Everyone else was having a good time though. We moseyed down the way to another family favorite ranch and no picking there either but we were able to make some Apple Cider. This was more Sintayehu's speed. (It was in the shade. He is not a heat kid and it was like the hottest weekend of the year.) Later we went to the park for a picnic with the family. The kids all got to play together and it was fun to see the boys hang out with their cousins.

We have been loving watching Sintayehu grow in his soccer skills. He is doing so well. We are just waiting for his confidence to grow. He plays to the ball and gets frustrated when he doesn't get the results he wants. But he's improved so much already.

Last week I managed to catch some kind of stomach bug. Ugg. Being sick is ten times worse as a mom. So much to do and I couldn't do anything but run back and forth from the bathroom to bed. But my mom came and helped while Nick was at work and Nick was awesome and got Dawit out of the house on Friday so I could get some more sleep. Today I am finally feeling better. By about noon I was able to stand with out the nausea. I can't tell you how many people thought we were pregnant. EVERYONE. But we aren't.

Today we had a great thunderstorm around 4:00. It was awesome. We played a family soccer game and had a great time. Sintayehu felt like he was back in Ethiopia. It was a lot of fun and fairly our of sorts for our neck of the woods. So we just enjoyed it.

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