Friday, September 17, 2010

6 months

Today, our boys have been home for six months. It's funny, the time has flown by but it also seems like they have been our family forever. I just finished reading through all of the posts since they have been home. We've been busy ;). Oh my. It's so amazing to think how all of our pain, with the waiting and delays, has just absolutely disappeared. The boys have just filled up our lives with a love that I had never known. It's incredible, my relationship with them has caused so many other relationships to grow as well.

Nick and I are closer than ever. We may not have all of the alone time we we would like and our conversations are constantly interrupted but we have been filled with such a joy that we share together.

My mom and I are much closer. It took a little bit as we were finding our footing and what we could all handle; but my appreciating for her patience and willingness to help put or hang back has quadroupled. Plus I don't know how she managed all 3 ignite extra-curricular schedules.

Watching the patience my Dad has with the boys just makes mr respect him all the more. He is a very loving grandfather and Dad.

Nana and Poopa just absolutely adore the boys and thoroughly enjoy spending time with them. And they are always there for an encouraging word, we know how self soubt can haunt a parent

And my relationship with God has changed as well. Not because of a fulfilled promise but I can fully understand God's love for us. I couldn't quite comprehend his willingness to die on a cross for us. But I one hundred percent understand his desire for us to choose to love and praise Him.

I have been working on a slideshow but it's not done. Hopefully this weekend unwilling post it. Tomorrow, Nick and I are going to our 10 year reunion. Grandma is taking te boys to chuck e cheeses, so hopefully Sintayehu won't be upset that he is not invited. He thought it was really rude to put No children on the invitation.

For six months we have loved, battled, cried, mourned, grieved, rejoiced, learned, and grown. I can't wit to see what life continues to have in store for us.

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Julie said...

You are very blessed to have such sweet sons. We would love to see you guys soon!