Wednesday, August 18, 2010

First Days of School

Sintayehu started school on Monday. He was so excited. I was able to get a few pics before school but I goofed and the battery died after only a couple. I did get video though. It was really cute to see how excited he was. I walked him to his classroom and met his teacher. He immediately found a friend and joined the boys in his class.

When I picked him up he looked hot and tired. He said his brain was exhausted. It was difficult for him to translate so quickly. But he was eager to go back. Each day has gotten easier for him. He understands more and is slowly getting to know kids in his class. He got his first weekly progress report and the teacher said he is getting it. He got excellent on behavior, homework and classwork. He was even excited to do his weekend homework.

We were fortunate in that his teacher has had three students from Africa in the past five years. So his teacher was really excited to learn about another African country.

Dawit is still getting used to the day without his brother. On Day 3 of dropping off Sintayehu at school, Dawit says in a small little voice and a single tear on his cheek, "Good bye Sintayehu. I miss you" Check out the video of their reunion after the first day. *** sorry it's shakey. I was a bit excited myself ***

I am also going back to school next week. It is so hard to leave them. I hate it. I may be exhausted, tired, and overwhelmed; but I want to be the one to see them wake up, get home from school and learn new things. I don't like missing those moments. I am praying for peace and understanding as I return to work.

On a very happy note, our good friends the Doll's had a beautiful baby girl on Thursday. Her name is Ellery Von Doll. The family is healthy and smitten with their baby, and maybe a little sleep deprived. I am so excited for them. I can't wait to meet her, but I know how transition time is needed. So I am patient :)

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